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Hardwood flooring is a worthy flooring material that elegant, durable, and highly sought after. For most homeowners, it can mean never having to shop for flooring again, as it offers one of the longest lifespans in the industry. Furthermore, it can be maintained in such a way as to allow for changes whenever you want or need them. Overall, it’s an exceptional option for many areas of your home and you’ll never regret the choice. Let’s find out more about it now.

At EZ Carpet & Flooring, we’ve spent more than fifteen years earning a reputation that not only creates exceptional customer satisfaction but also repeat customers. We have an excellent line of flooring materials, products, and services, and you’ll find friendly and experienced flooring associates standing by at our New Hyde Park, NY showroom to help you make sense of them all. Currently serving the communities of New York City, Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Long Island, and Nassau, we also look forward to doing business with you.

Wood flooring

We stock all popular wood flooring systems.

  • Solid (unfinished & prefinished) nail-down only - use for above ground, or sub-floors; requires correct expansion allowances between vertical walls
  • Longstrip (pre-finished) float, and/or nail-down - used for all grade levels on wood sub-floors and/or concrete slabs
  • Engineered (pre-finished & unfinished) float, or nail-down - use for any grade level on wood sub-floors and/or concrete slabs
Gorgeous hardwood flooring in New York, NY from EZ Carpet & Flooring

Hardwood and all the options it offers

Hardwood flooring is not just a “choose it and forget it” floor covering. You actually have a plethora of options to choose from that not only have a bearing on the performance of the flooring in general, but that can also be utilized to create a truly unique and personalized surface. Taking the time to specify the perfect wood species, stain color, and finish type can all work together to create a flooring you’ll wish you had chosen sooner.

Wood species is especially important as they vary in hardness. Some are much softer than others, and not necessarily a good choice for heavily trafficked spaces. The busier a room is, the harder the species will need to be in order to provide the necessary length of lifespan. Softer varieties are better for areas with little to no traffic, such as closets and pantries.

The finish you choose will also mean a lot to your flooring. The high-gloss, magazine-perfect look works very well for some. But for those with hectic homes, a finish like vintage, distressed, or wire-brushed can go a long way in hiding signs of wear such as scratches and scuffs. When signs of wear do finally start to show through, you can schedule a refinishing project and bring your floors right back to a like-new finish all over again.

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