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How to get the most from your carpet

Choosing the perfect carpet flooring might feel like a great deal of work, but in reality, it’s all about making sure you choose the best options. Of course, excellent style and appearance are always part of the package deal, as is an underfoot softness that no other material can provide. But honing in on the characteristics that will truly make it YOUR flooring is all about personal preference and requirements. Once you have a firm grip on what you want and need, the rest is easier than you think, and we can help.

EZ Carpet & Flooring strives for complete customer satisfaction for every customer that we work with. We offer the finest floor coverings, friendly associates, and certified technicians who will see to it that your flooring desires all come true. Since 2001, we have served the communities of New York City, Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Long Island, and Nassau, all from our New Hyde Park, NY showroom. Once there, you’ll find out why many of our customers return again and again for service and products they can trust. Let us get to know you as well, by stopping in when you’re in the area.
Luxury carpet in New York, NY from EZ Carpet & Flooring

Carpet has always been special for homeowners

Carpet is one of those materials that says so much before you ever even step out on it. The vast array of solid colors and patterns seem to invite you into the room, while the softness makes the experience even nicer. Choosing the perfect fiber allows the flooring to work nicely with your lifestyle as well. Nylon and polyester are much better for busy areas that could become dirty or dingy, as they are more stain-resistant than other fibers. You should save wool fibers and those that are long and shaggy for areas that have less traffic.

If durability is a necessity for your carpet, make sure you ask your associate about manufacturers who create fibers with built-in stain protection. Adding a chemical stain protectant after installation is always an option, but for those who prefer eco-friendly materials, it’s less than perfect.

We also advise that, if you are able to do so, always take advantage of professional installation for your carpet. Not only are the results much nicer, but you will get added benefits such as work that is guaranteed, protected warranties and so much more. After all, you’ve done a lot of hard work so far. You deserve it.

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